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Personal or Career Coaching

Executive & Personal Coaching is for those who desire to achieve greater results in their careers and personal life. Partnering with your coach as a guide in navigating a significant life change, or work in building a happier, more fulfilling life personally and professionally. 

Business Development & Training

Business development & training in organizational systems, wealth building, creating higher profit, financial systems, and overall growth and health of your business.  Leadership focus on self-development, communication, and team leadership and synergy.

Organizational Conflict Resolution

Conflict resolution for professionals and teams; creating safe spaces, resolving past ineffective systems.  Resolution includes identifying and creating communication strategies, deeper personal development and rebuilding systems for future success and growth.

MER - Mental & Emotional Release

Mental & Emotional Release is specialized work in addressing and releasing the habits, thinking patterns and emotional baggage that create barriers to growth and change. 

DISC Consultant

DISC assessments are behavioral self-assessment tools based on emotional and behavioral theory. These tools are designed to help you recognize strengths and limitations, overcome shortcomings and overall learn effective strategies in interpersonal and professional environments.


Huna is a modern term given to an ancient system that works with energy. It is about connecting your spiritual, mental, and physical energy with a Higher Power to empower your life. 

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