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The Joy and Pain of Fullness

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

As the holiday season breaks, my heart is full of love, new memories, and a certain fullness of warm comfort. I’m still listening to Christmas music, still having candy cane dreams and I still have sugar plum fairies dancing in my head. Such JOY. The Joy of Fullness.

Then it happens. The time when my family and I must part. The time when I drive them to the airport, drop them off at curbside check-in so they can return to their homes, jobs, schools—their worlds. I hug them goodbye, get in my car and drive off.

This is the moment that the “fullness” starts to pinch. Starts to ache. The drive home is full of flashbacks to other Christmases', years and years of memories, love, other moments of fullness that have come and gone. The suddenness of the void fills me with a painful ache.

As I drive, sitting in my pain, I understand that this, THIS, is the price of loving so full. THIS pain is only felt because of the sudden shift in the fullness. You can’t know this if you haven’t loved to fullness. The pain lingers for the rest of the night. Lessens a bit the next day. The sweet pain of love and memories. The pain of the fullness aching as it slowing slips away.

Yes, great feelings of love require a price.

Anything exceedingly worthy and amazing requires a price. I will gladly pay that price for THAT love, that FULLNESS.

Where else is there exceedingly worthy and amazing things with a cost?

What would it look like if you could ease that cost by creating new fullness?

Being healthy—on everyone’s mind these past two years—is another worthy and amazing goal for most of us. For me, that means I must submit to painful workouts, limit foods and alcohol—restrictions so I can GAIN the prize.

The exceedingly worthy and amazing prize. Longer life, flexibility, power, strength, stamina. With this health I can enjoy even greater love. I can go on hikes with loved ones, take trips with fewer discomforts. I can rush to make memories. But I must pay the cost.

The price to fund your exceedingly worthy and amazing life takes work.

What would it look like if this “work” became easier?

One way to make this easier (the MAIN way for most of us) is by releasing the drag of our emotional baggage. This release work keeps you relevant, helps you keep improving in the endeavors of your choices, to become more efficient. With the release you gain clarity, peace, and room for love. Without this emotional drag, you can be more for others, and fill yourself with the fullness you crave. To become the best version of yourself and create other exceedingly worthy and amazing life moments that create the “fullness” you desire.

The fullness of life. That JOY you don’t even really feel until it starts to slip away. What would you do to hold on to it longer? To take it all back inside of you? What do you need to do to create more moments? How do you keep that? Is it possible to feel that all the time? What do you need to do to create a life where you are AWARE of the “fullness” WITHOUT the pain of losing it? Is there a way to purposefully give this “fullness” to others? To share it? Logically there MUST be as someone gave it to you.

That’s my goal with coaching. That’s what drives me.

This year let’s work on YOUR plan that gives YOU the FULLNESS you desire. Let’s partner together to find the right balance, that alignment of self required to make this year YOUR year of FULLNESS.

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