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I'm Traci Evans, executive business and life coach.  I've been coaching top performers since 2016 to live their Big Life!  My passion is to help you build the life you desire, living as big as possible.  


Coaching, training, business development and helping you fulfill your life goals are among my specialties.  Learn more about what I do below! 


My Story

Prior to coaching, Traci was in accounting and administration for over 35 years.  She began as a bookkeeper|receptionist in a prestigious law firm in Boulder, Colorado.  Throughout her career, she’s held positions from staff accountant to assistant vice president to CFO|COO and now CEO|Business Owner.  She’s been instrumental in the growth of several companies in various fields from marketing|government relations, non-profit organizations, commercial insurance and over 20 years in commercial, development & residential real estate.

Traci has been married to her husband, Bruce, for 38 years and counting. Together, they are parents to two wonderful people. Their first, Jordan, 32, is a concept artist (think video games & movies)  and is married to his beautiful wife, Miho, an advertising specialist for Rakuten. Their second, Ciara, 23, is a graduating communications and public relations specialist. 

Traci lives out what she coaches, however, when she’s not coaching anything and everything that moves, you’ll find her connecting with God, family and friends.  Traci loves to read, go to the movies, entertain and do anything outdoors; hiking, camping, and backpacking are her joys.  Traci and Bruce have completed epic backpacking hikes in the Grand Canyon, High Sierra camps in Yosemite and the Four Pass Loop in Aspen, Colorado. In 2020 she & Bruce started their motorcycle adventures!


The plans to come? European travel, more backpacking and motorcycle adventures with the family!  

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