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Dreams Aren't Just For Teenagers

Updated: Jul 22, 2022

"What do you dream of being when you grow up?" doesn't need to stop in High School...

Dreams. Bucket List. Goals. Crazy ideas.

You name it, we probably had those when we were teenagers. Remember when ‘X’ (fill in the blank with your ‘dream’) was totally possible no matter how crazy it sounded?

Backpack through Europe. Jump out of an airplane. Perform on Broadway. Create a super lucrative business. Write a book. Play in a band. – and the list went on.

Then… life happened. College, bills, marriage perhaps, more bills, kids?, student loans, and even more bills. Careers get started and it seems time melts away. We hear ‘we all have the same number of hours in a day’ yet why does it seem my hours are less than other people’s? Then we blink and 10 years have gone by.

Where do those dreams go? Many of us put them on the back burner or sometimes they disappear altogether.

It's Time To Dream Again

When was the last time you took some time and wrote down dreams you’d still like to do?

My coach challenged/encouraged me to do this again in 2010. You may know my Banff, Canada story. Quick review, my husband went to Banff as a single guy with his buddies and decided to take his family there when he was older. However, in 2010 we had been married for 26 yrs, 2 kids and a dog, kid’s sports/activities, life, bills, etc. and still hadn’t made it to Banff.

Enter my coach. She said ‘put it on the calendar next year’. I had all sorts of limiting beliefs. Bills were still there, it would take too much time, HOW would we do this. Yet I talked to my husband, got the kids involved, we set a date and we were off planning a trip of a lifetime. Aug 2011 – our family will never, ever forget this. In fact, we’ve now been to Banff twice and can’t wait to plan our next trip!

That started us writing down all the dreams we would like to do in our next years together. Our kids helped with the list: we have house dreams, travel dreams, investment dreams, BIG dreams – some may not happen. The point is, since we’ve started to dream again, over ½ the list has already been checked off and we’re adding to the list every year.

What dreams have been on your back burner? Forgotten? Has ‘life happened’ been your excuse to not create the life you really want to live?

What dreams will you write down – right now – and begin planning to make happen?

Dreams aren’t just for teenagers anymore – they’re for you and me – let’s get dreaming!

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